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  • Artist Info: Hello, my name is.. too strange of a name to be put on the internet. talk2hand <br />
    But anyways I'm 13 aaand this crappy Vista I'm currently on is like.. 40% of my life, sadly, so I will be on Gaia almost all the time sweatdrop . I like to hang out, chat, read (Total Scott Westerfeld lover redface and I love to read manga too mrgreen toal Natsuki Takaya lover aswell mrgreen heart !) as I pretty much said before, I love computers and what I mean by that is.. mainly games like mmo/mmorpg/Gaia lol aaanyway don't be afriad too add me, I don't bite whee ... I punch twisted <br />
    P.S: I HAVE A LIFE D;<br />
    P.S.S: SORTA.
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