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  • Artist Info: Oh, look, you get to learn about me. Brace yourself.<br />
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    I'm an oddball kid not quite out of high school (but you'll never know my real age). Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you I'm crazy. Heck, I'll tell you I'm crazy. Nothing I like better than freakin' people out and makin' things explode, but role playing comes at a close second (or third?). Generally I keep it under control, but if you've see one of my spaz moments, there's nothing you can do but laugh. But, that's okay, because I like making people laugh (They make easier targets.) just so long as they're laughing with me. I enjoy video games and drawing, and I'm actually fairly good at drawing, which is surprising seeing as I've never actually had any classes on drawing. I'm also more or less educated on how computers work and why and wherefore. As I said before, I might have an unhealthy fascination with explosions and guns (Especially big ones). I'm hoping to get a degree in nuclear engineering, and if that doesn't scare you, you obviously don't know me. My other likes include dragons, zombies, and magic. Anything else? Hmmm...Oh yes, start talking to me about monster hunter and we could go on for hours. That's all for now. Go forth, and spread insanity!<br />
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    {Updated 2015}
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