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    <br />
    Name - Dryden<br />
    Age - 20<br />
    Status - Engaged and confused.<br />
    Pets - Boston Terrier named Mr. Ryan and My Rose Hair Tarantulas named Trunks, Draven, Lancelot, and Stumpy (who is actually Gimpy now because his leg is growing back)<br />
    Hobbies - I love to Sing... a lot. I draw (not too well). I am mistress of photoshop. I love cosplaying, though i hate to sew (I do it anyway). <br />
    Likes - Pixeling, cherry icees, fruit punch gatorade g2, corsets, cameras, shiny things, things that light up.<br />
    Dislikes - Drugs (yes, this includes weed!), mean people, obnoxious and immature people.<br />
    - If you want to know more, just ask me. ^_^-<br />
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    <br />
    ------------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    ***Seriously lack of recent cosutmes! Sorry! Will have some when I get back from Dragon*con***<br />
    Recent Events Involving Costumes/Cosplay<br />
    Screamfest, October 2008<br />
    Julie from Return of the Living Dead III and Eggzorcist living dead doll.<br />
    Dragoncon, August 2008<br />
    Major Kusanagi, Rider, and I-no<br />
    Metrocon, July 2008<br />
    Me as a rat in an Org coat, Major Kusanagi, I-no, and Rider (fate-stay night)<br />
    Florida Supercon May 2008<br />
    (Major Kusanagi and I-no. Kai Ryuken as himself... for the time being. ^^)<br />
    Megacon March 2008<br />
    (Major Kusanagi [combat and SSS] and I-no)<br />
    Anime South December 2007<br />
    (Major Kusanagi combat uniform, I-no, Gynoid)<br />
    Angys Christmas Party<br />
    (again, i am major kusanagi, but there are only 2 pics of me. Crappy last min costume. >< wink <br />
    Halloween 2007 (parties and trick-or-treating)<br />
    (I am the rag dolly!)<br />
    FYE Anime Spectacular Oct.<br />
    (Fourth attempt at Major Kusanagi. Getting better!)<br />
    Briis Birthday Party<br />
    (third attempt at Major Kusanagi)<br />
    Anime Spectacular Sept.<br />
    (second attempt at Major Kusanagi)<br />
    Metrocon June 2007<br />
    (my first attempt at cosplaying Major Kusanagi)
    <br />
    <br />
    -----------------------------------------------------------------<br />
    Thank you for checking out my profile. ^_^<br />
    ~Dryden<br />
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