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    Yosers, the name is Jammie.<br />
    I hate fake people.<br />
    I hate rude ppl.<br />
    I do watch CN (Cartoon Network) still even though I'm 15.<br />
    Mess with my friends on here, Facebook and or in real life I'll mess you up in a heart beat.<br />
    I'm not a hot head but talk to me in a wrong way it may seem like I am.<br />
    I like friendly people that don't mind being random at times.<br />
    I like burgers, especially from In-N-Out Burger.<br />
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat.<br />
    I love skinny jeans heart <br />
    Anyone that started wearing skinny jeans after the New Boyz came out, your a copy cat.<br />
    Point blank end of sentence.<br />
    I get proven wrong daily but I still like making bets.<br />
    Yes,I wear tappers and plugs.<br />
    No, they're not fake.<br />
    I've wore skinny jeans since the 3rd or 2nd grade.<br />
    I like R&B, Pop, Country Rock, Dance, Hip-Hop and Aternative music.<br />
    Yes, My name is Jammie.<br />
    J.A.M.M.I.E <br />
    I'm not gay.<br />
    I like gays better than straights though.<br />
    ...<br />
    They're funnier then straight people.<br />
    And more caring.<br />
    And more fun to hang around.<br />
    Thats about it.<br />
    Don't be shy to talk to me.<br />
    I'm really nice.<br />
    ...<br />
    You'll see.<br />
    Oh and...<br />
    I like random PMs<br />
    Deuces. sweatdrop
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