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  • Artist Info: Let's see... About me, about me, about me... Well I'm a hippie/grunge. Although i am somehow suprisingly mistaken for goth. (probably because i wear a lot of black sometimes) I guess that would make me a contradiction, a Gothic Hippie/Grunge. Anyway, I'm really not one for sports exept Skateboarding, BMX, and Bowling. I play bass guitar but my lessons had to stop because I'm moving to Ponchatoula so me and my mom had to save some money. After at least 6 more months of lessons I'm gonna try to start building a band. I'm a gamer. (team Xbox) If you haven't already noticed, I like to spell things correctly, put periods, commas, capitol letters, etc. Basicly, I use literacy correctly and I don't like it when I speak to somebody that types ghetto slang, leet, etc. Back to the Gothic Hippie/Grunge, i am strongly influenced by '50s jazz: The Monotones, '60s rock: The Beatles, The Who, Creedance Clearwater Revival, etc., '70s rock: Black Sabbath, Led Zeppilen, Lynard Skynard, Kiss, Def Leopard, etc., '80s rock: Ozzy Osbourne, NOT Bon Jovi, '90s rock, pop: Sugar Ray, Ozzy Osbourne, etc., Some Modern music: Cee Lo Green, Gorillaz, Slipknot, Bruno Mars.<br />
    And i speak the Hippie slang of English, and some basic Italian.
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