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    I am Grell Sutcliff and I am an energetic and flirty gal/man. I love all things red because it is the color of romance and passion. Red is also perfect for hair, for clothes, for lipstick. My interests are Sebastian,Homestuck, romantic diners, anime, my self, Manga, yaoi, lolita, bunnies, my dear friends, cosplay, drawing, painting, Fanfictions. Some of my best friends are Ciel Phantomhive, undertaker, sebastian michaelis, Kagamine Rin, Kasane Teto and Kagamine Len. I am not as flirtatious in person but I will most likely be in cosplay. You see i am simply on hell of a cosplayer. I love the time i spend with family, friends and body pillows and I am happy to be of a service anytime. I am also a hard working artist looking for a place in this world. i appreciate all my watchers on deviantart and if you would like to see some of my art you can find the link to my dev on the personal web sight button to the right of about my, listed in details. If you would like to talk to me personally you are free to PM me anytime, I will try by best to reply within 24 hours. - Love, Grell sutcliff
    <br />
    Are you interested in yaoi? Join my web sight for regular doujinshi updates and fanfictions. Black butler, Hetalia, kuro maid., Love neko, Vocaloid, you name it. Contact me...if your interested >:3
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