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  • Artist Info: hello there! 3nodding <br />
    I am Grin_LOL although you can just call me Chesnut. I am currently residing in Montana but I don't plan to be here for long. Especially after I graduate. I will go home to my beloved Utah. Anywho, I love Anime and Manga, my favorites at the moment are Azumanga Daioh, Angel Beats, Clannad, and Pandora hearts. I Freaking LOVE Invader Zim especially GIR and Gaz. They are both so awesome!! Professor Membrane in pretty awesome too. heheh I love to draw anime and IZ characters, and I love to write!!! My triology is 2072 pages long, INK, POISON, and JOKER. I am currently typing them off of the original copies and I plan to publish the first one very soon. My favorite animals are wolves and pandas. I love my little kitty, and spiderman, batman, the joker, and my favorite movie is princess mononoke. I also love soccer, tennis, and hunting. I do love video games and being at the lake near my house where I catch crawdads in my free time. (however the heck you spell that) I will be a junior this year. TWO MORE YEARS TO GO!!!!!! YESSSSSSS. <br />
    And I have often thought about becoming a cop/author when I finish college. That would be interesting :3 <br />
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