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  • Artist Info: Okay, so I like to cosplay and stuff. <br />
    Age: None of your bussiness. But I am a teenager.<br />
    Name: Diamond. <br />
    Hobbies: Drawing, Writing, Playing videogames.<br />
    I love Naruto and Pokemon heart <br />
    I'm very awkward, I'm a terrible conversation starter. <br />
    I do retarded stuff when I'm bored. <br />
    I get bored very easily.<br />
    I dislike people who insult me, behind my back. If you can't say it to my face, don't say it at all.<br />
    I love frogs. <3 They're so cute, and green, and tiny. Also, I have the username I have because alot of people met me with this username, so I decided to keep it so people will recongonize me, or however you spell that stupid word. >:/<br />
    I've cosplayed a few people:<br />
    Sakura.<br />
    Hinata(Most people know me for being that Hinata with the bitchy attitude. xD)<br />
    Sasori<br />
    Deidara(still able to cosplay)<br />
    Konan<br />
    and recently, Temari~
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