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    Hello. My name is Miranda. i am about to be a Jr. this year in highschool. born in 96.<br />
    i like looking at pictures.<br />
    I'm starting to like some k-pop songs.<br />
    I am shy when i meet new people.<br />
    i can be rude, blunt, annoying, or insensitive to people.<br />
    i stay away from some idiots like myself sometimes.<br />
    i comment once in a while on someones avatar or when i feel like it.<br />
    i like the smell of fresh new books and fresh gasoline.<br />
    Vanilla ice cream with banana slices and carmel on top.<br />
    i prefer vanilla over chocolate.<br />
    Strawberries with nutella or white chocolate.<br />
    Strawberries are my favorite.
    <br />
    I used to be an anime freak, now i like anime that fit my taste (Sometimes cheesy)<br />
    im not sure if i want to become a dermatologist or a mechanic... (please suggest)<br />
    i am socially awkward. Not much friends either. <br />
    i am veryyyyyyyyyyyyyy lazy. i can be a hard worker. Once in a while.<br />
    i can be chill, hyper, mean, or happy at times. it really depends.<br />
    i rarely read real books. i mainly read mangas instead.<br />
    i have alot of cute/filthy/weird habits.... &gt;///&lt;<br />
    i text, but usually one or two people at a time.<br />
    i dont really pick up phone calls... (my phone is always on silent)<br />
    i wish pokemon were real. Which will never happen.
    <br />
    i play an online game called maple story. my addiction seems to live on.<br />
    i sometimes become very bored with gaia or really addicted. depends.<br />
    i usually reuse the same items on my avatar. it means that i like that item very much. <br />
    im a long term gaian. i remember when gaia was called gaiafishing/gogaia.<br />
    i can be demanding at times and hard to understand. my mind is all over the place. ugh.<br />
    Some people avoid me, and i avoid them. its quite sad.<br />
    i want to be friends with people but i guess they dont want to do the same with me. ):<br />
    i unintentionally hurt peoples feelings or end a conversation even though i want to continue.<br />
    i have a sister who looks like me and somewhat acts like me. people consider us twins.
    <br />
    i have beautiful cousins who are fun to hang around with.<br />
    i am sure that there are many shows that i would just fall in love with but i sadly dont have cable.<br />
    Internet has almost controlled my life at some point in time and still in the process of doing it...<br />
    i like 9gag and imagur. Memes have become essential to me. :{D i especially love reading comments on the bottom... xox<br />
    i liked mustaches before they were even mainstream.<br />
    Theres alot of things i liked before they were mainstream but eh.<br />
    i cant help but stuff my face in food sometimes... its just so yummy!<br />
    i happen to like my little pony. if you watch it, you will understand why i find it hilarious.<br />
    i cant stand half of the idiots in my school.<br />
    why complain about the teachers not teaching you and then complain when they do? Fk-tards.<br />
    i like some old and new shows like pokemon, dexters labratory, power puff girls, dexter (the serial killer), invaders zim, Friends, seinfeild, scooby doo, he man(LOL), adventure time, between the lions, dragon tales,sailor moon, two and a half men, alot of shows that have to do with serial killers and other things that i just cant remember.<br />
    i like watching random/funny commercials online. (especially old spice)<br />
    i get easily scared or paranoid when i think of something scary or just watched a scary/horror movie.<br />
    im still waiting for my zombie acopalypse....<br />
    i can be VERYYYYY indecisive... -.- it annoys me too. D:<br />
    i treat my sister's bf like crap. i hate em. wont stop too.<br />
    i have a very short term memory sometimes. ._.<br />
    i love my mean, agressive, cute, foxy, b!tchy, beary, lovable dog. Her name is Angel. shes cute but can give a mean bite. &gt;:{D<br />
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