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  • Artist Info: Ish Laura. :3 I'm 19, and I type in my own lang for things like this, but i type normally in the forums cat_smile bc of all those bitch ass grammar Nazis.xp But i've been on gaia b4, but i could never remember my usernames and what not. -.-' I play a lot of MG on FB so u can be my friend or neighbor. cat_biggrin <br />
    and i love video games, anime, manga, drawing, sleeping, black, bright green and blue, purple, red, horror, vampires (not those sparkly, gay disgraces), werewolves (not those pansy puppies from twilight either), movies, and hanging with meh bf cat_razz <br />
    I hate people think they're better at everything, begging, whining, wanna-bes, and bullies. cat_scream if ur gonna pick on someone remember karma is more of a bitch than life bc she's pimp slap u. just saying. and i say what i have to say. u start shit with me, and i'll throw it back at u 10 fold. bc 95% of ppl cant win an argument against me. and if i do make mistake typing in the forums... don't correct me bc i'mma say i don't give a shit about a little typo. <br />
    so this is me in a nutshell... a small nutshell. <br />
    i would type out my fave animes ans whatnot but that makes for an interesting convo. cat_xd <br />
    and yes, i send random friend invites. &gt;.&gt; not to be creepy/annoying but just to make new frans cat_biggrin <br />
    also, i fuckin &lt;3 RPing but only once i get to know u which includes: seeing ur profile, being friends on here, and conversing with u for a few days.
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