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    W E L C O M E<br />
    (WARNING: This is both an RP and non RP account)<br />
    <br />
    I see you guys made it to this bunch of flowers that is my profile! Well what would you like to know? I tend to be a very cheery girl, always seeking to learn and socialize somehow but mostly have fun. I know my English sometimes may be wary, but that is common since English is not my first language. PLEASE CORRECT ME WHEN I MAKE AN ORTOGRAPHIC MISTAKE because I need to learn some way or another right? Um...I like art, reading, writting, music (no talent for it though), exploring around and just having a sweet time with those I care for. Anything else you want to know? PM me!! I do not mind answering but you have to be brave and ask about it! That's basically it right? Yep that is it, thank you for passing by and I hope you have a lovely day/night!!! <br />
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    Name: Ivory de Mors<br />
    Nickname(s): Ivy<br />
    Title(s): "The colorful death"<br />
    Name Meaning(s): de Mors being a Latin last name is translated to "of death" therefore her name is actually "Ivory of Death". <br />
    Gender: female<br />
    Place of Birth:Rumors say she was born in the depths of the Valhalla<br />
    Date of Birth: In the early stages of summer. (May 30)<br />
    Grew Up: With her father, that is all she can recall. Although she is aware that she had another life. <br />
    Age: She is actually a few hundred years old. Specific age she has forgotten but is aware that she does not exceed the 500 years<br />
    Age Appearance: Depending on her mannerisms she can appear both as a young 17 or a young 20 year old.<br />
    Height: 4'9"<br />
    Species: Amalgamation, Spectro di' vita (living spectrum)<br />
    Nationality: Does not recall<br />
    Linguistics: English, basic Latin, Spanish, Catalán<br />
    Occupation: Not sure if being a daughter counts<br />
    Orientation (sexual): pansexual<br />
    Marital Status: single<br />
    Social Status: ---<br />
    Phobias: clowns<br />
    Appearance: Ivory appears as a petite girl, her skin can be both slightly tanned or marble white depending on the amount of saturation absorbed. She is well proportioned but seems to not be as endowed as most women, having more hips than chest. Her eyes are usually a soft blue, a light purple or pink depending on her state. All these features adorned in the greatest feature she has, her hair. Her hair is usually golden colored unless on a state, in this case it is cotton white. Fluffy and long, reaching her feet almost.<br />
    Clothing: Ivory being the simple being she is, tends to dress in big shirts, jackets, dresses or anything that will cover most of her body. Due to loving her connection with nature, she tends to not wear shoes.<br />
    Personality: Ivory is a kind hearted, sweet and happy child. She loves to be useful and cheer those she loves. The girl is curious, capable of getting lost just to follow whatever caught her attention. She searches for the bright side of things even in the darkest of situations. Ivory offers love for anyone. Unless provoked otherwise. When Ivory is angered turns just cold. In this state she would do anything to vanquish her opponent. Even capable of killing until asked for mercy. Other than these minor setbacks Ivory is a bundle of joy. She has a weak spot for animals, fluffy things and animals in general. She has a creative mind which is the source of her power.<br />
    Likes: metal, meat, colors, the concept of art, nature, being barefoot, getting lost, learning things.<br />
    Dislike: high society rules, shoes, rude rudes, injured creatures, violence and corruption itself.<br />
    Strengths: imagination, long and short range attacks, strength, speed, <br />
    Weakness: using her loved ones against her, corruption itself, immense amount of strength<br />
    Turn On's: a bright mind<br />
    Turn Off's: a brute body with no trail of thought. <br />
    [colorviolet=]Powers: <br />
    -Spectro: Spectro di' Vitas (living spectrums) consume the saturation of light itself when its reflected in color. This giving Ivory the abbility to manipulate color as an offensive/defensive weapon. The light colors allow her to create defensive weapons (shields, bubbles etc.) while the saturated colors allow her to create offensive weapons (swords, mallets etc.). The more saturated the color or the lighter the color the more energy she consumes, therefore she may faint if abused of such gift. When the colors reach almost shades of black she is slowly being consumed in them, therefore she may die if she uses a dark color for a long while.<br />
    -Enhanced: Just like the ability says, Ivory has enhanced hearing, speed, strength. Abusing such powers will reduce her stamina greatly. <br />
    -Imagination: Due to having almost the mind and heart of a child, Ivory's imagination can become tangible. Being able to summon guards of her liking and any distraction. She has not mastered yet such ability and can only activate it when being unconscious. <br />
    -Dimension: Ivory has created a special dimension for her own comfort in which she may bring or take out any object/creature she wishes. This is only a defense mechanism of hers (see weapons for details) and she cannot engage battle inside the dimension, only her guards. <br />
    Weapons (if applicable): <br />
    -Bukaneshka: Bukaneshka or "Bun Bun" for short is a magical bunny plush given to her as a gift during her first years. It is actually the portal to her own dimension, reason she carries it with such protection. If it were to be broken, the path to said dimension would be lost or she would be trapped inside it until a new connection is made. <br />
    -Teeth and claws: Just like the weapon says, both her teeth and her nails are capable of cutting through almost everything. ALMOST<br />
    Background Story:<br />
    She was not always named Ivory not she lived like she does now. Her spiritual name is Saygahne (sah-e-gah-neh), a pure spectrum of color which just planned to survive. Spectro di' Vitas had only one purpose, to keep the world of the tangibles as balanced with light as they could. She was just a mere soldier fulfilling this task, making sure darkness did not consume all source of life. That is, until she was over saturated with light and decided to approach the nearest source of darkness. To her demise, she was consumed in it. Left weak to fend for herself as she slowly vanished into nothing. Her only source of survival, merging with whatever being crossed her path. Spending the next months morphing spiritually into a new life, erasing all memory and beginning from scratch as a soul of a tangible. This being how Ivory,both an Amalgamation and still a Spectro di' Vita, was born with abilities that neither one of her parents obtained.<br />
    <br />
    Ivory was a little girl raised by her father, a strong and diplomatic man called Irritus de Mors. Throughout life he taught her all she knew, as well as helping her get used to some abilities that were entirely new to her. When she was old enough, she asked her father permission for her very own journey. When allowed, she decided to roam and discover new lands, join different alliances and battle some small wars to protect the weak. She suffered from cultural diffusion, making her a very curious and extroverted girl. She lived a few years in the kingdom of Wolveshire, in the depths of the Valhalla where she was supposedly born, traveled with the Narakas and so forward. When feeling it was time to return home, Ivory arrived to Avalonia in search for her father, the one she is happily living with ever sense.<br />
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