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    I am a writer who enjoys placing her stories on paper and sharing them with others.<br />
    I am not very talented, but I am attempting to learn and become a Jack of all trades so that I can be useful and able to do things.<br />
    I am protective and I adore my very close friends, Especially Yulen Xoshxius.<br />
    And though I have trouble meeting people, I do enjoy it.<br />
    I love writing, Homestuck, The Percy Jackson Series, and many other things.<br />
    My elements are Darkness and water.<br />
    I am a Child of Athena/Hades/Hermes<br />
    I am a Knight of Void.<br />
    My spirit animal is a Rabbit<br />
    And my color is dark blue.<br />
    I hope to meet and get along with you!
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