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  • Artist Info: Name: Juicebox <br />
    Age: 17 and YOUNG(#Rawr) <br />
    Location: classified <br />
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    Im that one guy who loves to help others, i dont like it when the truth is being mistold or not told at all for that matter. People have told me ive changed their lives in a better way ^.^ which makes me feel great and thought id share that little piece >.>... If people are sad i cant help but feel bad for them and a strong need to help them, even though sometimes i cant find the courage to talk to them because i have no history with them... I am a supporter of the Anonymous but am questioning certain things... I like to give advice and learning new things, especially philosophy and mythology. Im not so good at describing myself xP haha.... well thats a little slice of me .-. if anyone cared. Want to know me better just talk to me ^-^7
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