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  • Artist Info: Story of my Life:
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    It all started when my young sister Kirby Mei had showed me this site. At first I didn't had much interest here, but I slowly learned to know more about Gaiaonline. I had my younger brother Zhong Li join in the fray, and we will both take over this whole world someday! Now time for a love story! I was lost in an alley of darkness, tired and worn out from the lurking... Until I've met this special someone just for me named k a w a i i_ne. She had took me in her take-caring and nurtured me back to health. Soon, soon, soon... She confesses her love to me. I grasped both her soft hands saying "I'll see you again someday, I promise..." Then kissed her lips so soft and gently, and took off leaving. I never break my promises, at least not to my special someone just for me. Wait for me bunny, I'll come back for you... heart - 6/7/08<br />
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    Brokenhearted </3<br />
    - Somewhere on that faithful day and month 2012
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