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  • Artist Info: Well, Hi there u stranger !!! blaugh just so u know my name is Liz and i'm 15 years old. whee I'm a crazy girl a obsessional love for koalas and cats heart dramallama I dont find meh beutiful but I'm not ugly eather.. emotion_c8 emotion_kirakira I'm very social and loving 4laugh rofl Soo yeah go puke some rainbows somewhere... 4laugh 3nodding blaugh lalalalalal ! >///< My best friend is Arice_Chan heart cat_3nodding !! I love romantic comedy animes !! 4laugh ! I'm latina and I'm not so proud of it ! emotion_eyebrow ... I adore italian food emotion_kirakira yum_pizza emotion_omnomnom and some day will like to eat some unicorn meet but i dont know were to find it .. emotion_yatta ... Ehmm soo, yeah I don't bite (sometimes) xd soo u can talk to me with out fear !! 4laugh ... And I like ppl that r funny and outgoing and the ones that r not boring emotion_drool emotion_zzz emotion_eyebrow !! <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    And I LOVE emotion_brofist Adventure Time emotion_bigheart emotion_kirakira And Hello Kitty heart cat_whee
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