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    Hello <br />
    I am Lixy but you can call me Pumpkin<br />
    I love red pandas<br />
    I am 21 Years old<br />
    I have short hair Blue/Purple and Green/Blue/Hazel eyes<br />
    My Best Friend is Microchii<br />
    I enjoy drawing, chatting, playing and many other things.<br />
    I am looking for some people to chat to on here.<br />
    I am mega childish<br />
    I love Pokemon<br />
    I play Magic The Gathering with mainly White and Green<br />
    I have loads of Teddies<br />
    I love Free Hugs<br />
    I love Anime and Manga<br />
    I love the band Fireflight<br />
    I love the snow<br />
    I am messy xD<br />
    I am rather lazy<br />
    I like to help people (try to anyway) but please don't be rude and just ask, remember your please's and thank you's<br />
    Music is my life<br />
    So yeah if you wanna know more about me PM me or add me as a friend biggrin <br />
    <br />
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