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  • Artist Info: About me?....hhmm...where to begin.<br />
    Well my name is Louie. <br />
    I love music, books, gaming and...well I love food XD<br />
    I support Green Peace. I am an Atheist. All theists don't worry, you can talk to me, I don' bite. <br />
    My favourite animal is the Wolf but it is close with the Raven and some others. <br />
    I like the colours blue, green, yellow and red. If asked to name a favourite book...well I can't. I love loads of books. If asked to name a favourite movie..I will say maybe Avatar, Cloud Atlas or Gladiator...you know what..Cloud Atlas. <br />
    I love to talk to people, about almost anything. I enjoy debates but not arguments.<br />
    I do have a little self-esteem (Or lack of). My spelling and grammar leave much o be desired so if I DO make a mistake please do say so. <br />
    <br />
    That is about it. I am not going to tell you my age or where I live but if you noticed I did spell Colour with a U so... ninja <br />
    <br />
    Well, thank you for reading. <br />
    Feel free to message me any time ,about anything.
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