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  • Artist Info: Hello My name is Amanda. I am 25. I live in northern Canada. I am a first generation Candian. My father was born in Scotland and He is half Irish. My last Name is Irish and My mother was born in Italy. They both immigrated to Canada when they were in their teens. I have 5 younger sisters. So there is 6 girls in my family. I speak english. I understand French and know a little bit of it. I know Italian not confident in speaking it. I can understand it though. I currently work at walmart. I actually like it. I enjoy going to work and getting extra shifts. I am a very all over the place person. I do so many things and I am interested in so much I wouldnt know where to start to tell you what I like. I litterally listen to all kinds of music. I had a house fire in Janruary 2006. I was in my second year of university I had to drop out. I will be going back though. If you would like to know more about me Just ask away. I am a very open person and love meeting new people. <br />
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    My Dream Avi !!!<br />
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