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  • Artist Info: Hey you! Yeah you! How'dya get ter meh profile?!?! Oh well you're here so you might as read my about me. Here's a brief look at my personality before i let you know anything else. Ummm....I'm out-going especially on gaia. I act like a total moronic idiot. I should change my name to "That-moronic-chick-everyone-is-creeped-out-by" jk. I'm a total loser at times, but everyone still loves me!!!!! &lt;3 [I hope D8] ummm yeah I guess thats it.<br />
    <br />
    People on Gaia who are totally adorakable:<br />
    LyghtVampire [The funniest kid eva!!!]<br />
    xSuper Freak Nastyx [He's the funniest brother a kid could ask for]<br />
    PapaSalsa0803 [My homie slice since like 6th grade!!]
    <br />
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