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    gaia_moon gaia_star Hello! Welcome to my profile gaia_star gaia_moon <br />
    I'm just a normal paw who loves to dress up in cute pastel-ish clothes (But mostly in pink) <br />
    You'll see me often on forums (mostly on cb) or just afk-ing somewhere around towns.<br />
    I'm rather a bit of a shy person but once you get to really know me well... you may regret it by then <br />
    I love cute stuff but you may already know that. I don't quite hide it well you see. <br />
    I also draw and I may have already secretly doodled your avi if I ever add them on my collection of favourites.<br />
    But if your curious of my art you can find them in here:<br />
    Deviant Art<br />
    Amino<br />
    Instagram<br />
    gaia_kittenstar Well bye bye for now~ gaia_kittenstar
    <br />
    <br />
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