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    Welcome to my chamber... <br />
    My name is Lenore...<br />
    I am also known as Queen or Monarch Noretaku<br />
    I am in love with a man too good to be true<br />
    I am 21 years of age...though I feel older and relate more to older people...<br />
    I love poetry..opera...and the paranormal..<br />
    I revel in sadness...Tis where I feel the most comfortable...<br />
    I am a very loving person...when I wish to be...<br />
    I am a pagan with an unnatural infatuation with vampires...<br />
    Given the choice, I would become one immediately<br />
    Not for blood or romance..well maybe partially for those things...<br />
    I do not really know why...<br />
    I wish more than anything that I had been born long...long...long ago<br />
    I love long letters...literature..tea...classical music...<br />
    I spend a lot of time in my own head...<br />
    I do not like the world the way it is...It pains me every day..<br />
    but<br />
    I enjoy listening to other people's woes, and to let them vent on me<br />
    I love to make new friends <br />
    I sometimes wish life was just a dream<br />
    I have a hard time facing reality<br />
    I love my subjects<br />
    they are my family<br />
    Pleasure and pain are one and the same<br />
    and blood is delicious <br />
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