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  • Artist Info: STILL EDITING<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    So... <br />
    After all these years, do you still remember me?<br />
    Sad to say, I don't remember you at all. <br />
    A sad, gentle mirage that stirs the dregs of my heart, one that would bring tears back to my eyes.<br />
    Have we met before? Where was it?<br />
    I... can't remember.<br />
    Everything is so fuzzy... Even when I try, even when I put my heart to it, I can't remember anything.<br />
    Anything about you.<br />
    Nothing.<br />
    Other than my heart still aches when I try thinking of you.<br />
    I want you to remember me, but the one who has truely forgotten is me.<br />
    Why?<br />
    Why did you leave? Or was it me who has left?<br />
    Why didn't we stop each other? <br />
    Did we know how heartbreaking it would be at first?<br />
    No, we won't. We were too young that time, so carefree, unwilling to let anything get in our way.<br />
    We were too rash.
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