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  • Artist Info: Oi! You there! Yes, you! The one reading this! What's up? Name's Kairu_Alvan, but I prefer to go by either Alvan, Loki, Puppy and Duck. Yes, Duck. Wanna fight about it? Anywho, here's some basic info:<br />
    <br />
    ~Favorite numbers are 7 and 13<br />
    ~I AM still a virgin. No lie.<br />
    ~Call me Muffin and I.Will.KILL.You. Only one person can ever call me that.<br />
    ~OH!! I has a replica of Hyorinmaru!!<br />
    ~I'm pretty weird and funny when you first meet me, but i'm actually a pretty serious person at times.<br />
    ~Insult me all you like, you'll only make me laugh. Insult my friends and girlfriend and you will die.<br />
    ~I have a VERY close nit circle of friends. And by circle I mean square. You see that group of four avis somewhere on my profile? That's my circle. Square. WHATEVER!! It's MINE!!<br />
    ~I tend to join rp's and forget about them. This ISN'T intentional, I swear!! DX<br />
    <br />
    Anyway, that's all you're gettin for free. I also like getting messages, so message me.
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