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    Hi, I'm Tsuki! ^^ About me, brief overview, I love to draw and watch anime and read manga when I can. I like listening to smart people kindly explain interesting stuff even sometimes when I have no idea what they're saying. I live in Utah, well known for its Mormon population and Republicans, but I'm a pretty strong willed Democrat, but I'm not here to fight about politics. <br />
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    I love meeting new people and chatting with them, I tend to love everyone no matter their personality. You can talk to me about just about anything, I'd love to keep you company. If you're interested I'd also love to make some artwork for you. Funds are appreciated since I'm not able to be online much to get a bunch of gold, but if you're low on cash I'm happy to work out some kind of trade with you.<br />
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    I love making manga comics because I have SOOOO many ideas. I get a new idea for a story AT LEAST once a week so it's really hard to stick with one, but when people enjoy my art and what I'm doing I'll work on it 'til it's through. Well that's me, love you guys! ^^
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