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    Hiya! I'm...well don't worry bout that...Name's Hayden aka Ominous Light. HAI! :3 Or Omi for short. I'm currently a senior at ISLC. I'm 17 years young. Chya awesome, ne?! Anywho, I'm into the arts. Music, literature, writing, and especially art itself. Music is my start and finish. Drawing is expression of self. Reading is escaping. Writing is a form of self taught. Yes I also role play. I haven't recently, but I plan to come back to it soon. I can do para, multi, semi and even singles. Any type of Rp is Rp...I'm not picky so send me a starter or I'll send you one for that matter. I've been considered multi-talented. I play the guitar, drums, keyboard, I'm a singer, an artist, and a DJ. Some often refer to me as emo/rocker or even gothic. Maybe a combination of two or all three. Although recently I've been going more for a Scene look. Also Bi! Reason? Because I won't let something so silly and STUPID ike gender get in the way of love. Who am I to deny it if it falls on that person? Got a prob with that, then delete me! Or like my old teacher used to say..."Shut your face! Yay! biggrin " lol but yea, I'm a unique person, weird if you will. (or so people say) I'm a person that just happens to think and view things differently than any "normal" human being. Oh, I also tend to post what's in my mind on the internet a lot. I'm nothing special. Care for a bigger dose of Hayden? Then follow me on Twitter: xXOminousXx<br />
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