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    Konnichiwa! Hajimemashite. watashi no namae wa Inukagome123 desu.<br />
    Yup, I'm learning japanese. Isn't that great? xD<br />
    Well, to start things off, you can call me Namine, that's my nickname.<br />
    Me and my friends have a Kingdom Hearts family. It's so funny.<br />
    I love anime. I've watched so many animes that I can't even name them all!<br />
    I also love to draw. I'm not that good of an artist but I'm still praticing. <br />
    If you want to see some of my art, check out my DA account:
    <br />
    http://www.inukagome123.deviantart.com/ .<br />
    I love to meet new people but I'm not too much of a social person.<br />
    Nice to meet you all. Yoroshiku onegai shimasu!
    <br />
    Newest picture! Check out my deviantart for more.<br />
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