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  • Artist Info: I'm a very odd person and proud of it. I love video games my tops being well pretty much all the sonic games (All Hail Shadow), Megaman (I love legends), and Xenosaga. There are others but I don't want to take the time to list them. I have seen every episode of every sonic show, played every game and seen every movie. Pretty much the same goes for megaman. I love to practice sword fighting with my friends. Hmm... I don't know what else to say. If there is something you want to know ask me. And don't you dare forget my Tales obsession. I've played every one released in english, and a few that haven't been. I love Tales of the Abyss the most but second is a tie between ToS and ToL. Though I also enjoyed ToP. However ToS: Dawn of the New World was a real dissapointment.<br />
    User Image "Well doesn't he seem interesting."<br />
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