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  • Artist Info: Rozen | Athena<br />
    Avert your gaze, it buuuurrrrrnnnsss~.<br />
    <br />
    - I'm a girl.<br />
    - I get very annoying.<br />
    - My PMSing lasts all month.<br />
    - I'm bipolar.<br />
    - I'm Fifteen.<br />
    - I used to have quite a few Cosplay Mules. Now I can actually count them all. There are still a lot, but only a few get attention. Look for me on Mukuro, Squalo, Geralo, or Gokudera.<br />
    - I play the violin.<br />
    - I'm going to be a Sophmore. in High School.<br />
    - I live in Florida.<br />
    - My real name is Candace.<br />
    - Please refer to me with my real name.<br />
    - Or make up a nickname from my real name. Some examples are 'Candi, Andy, and Alice.'<br />
    - I don't hold grudges.<br />
    - I tend to do really stupid things to people and then regret them immediately afterword.<br />
    - I love my friends to death.<br />
    - I worship Gurren Lagann.<br />
    - I'm an anime nerd for sure.<br />
    - I am not a weaboo.<br />
    - I roleplay on the Advanced Literate level.<br />
    - I also worship Sengoku Basara.<br />
    - I don't leave the house without my ipod.<br />
    - I use caps way too much, and find it really hard to tolerate chatspeak.<br />
    <br />
    So, any of my friends who would even take the time to look at my profile would know that I'm a freaking dork who never actually gets around to completing the cosplays that I want to get done, but I have a list of ones that I will get done in the near future.<br />
    <br />
    - Hayato Gokudera [With Sistema C.A.I. Props] and Superbi Squalo from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!<br />
    - Sandada Yukimura from Sengoku Basara<br />
    - Nia and Antispiral!Nia from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann<br />
    - Lag Seeing from Tegami Bachi<br />
    - Shibusen Uniform!Maka and DeathScythe!Soul Prop
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