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  • Artist Info: WARNING!!! if you read this crazy info about me your brain might turned to mush....okay i warned you. my name is Qurrat but some people call me cookie i have black/brownish hair and have brown eyes and i'm short also i'm really kind but once i snap i'm really mean (bambie with rabies) my fav animal is wolfs their so awsome sometimes i feel like i'm a wolf myself. And i watch well you can probaly tell by my profile i watch ANIME!!!! cause i'm a anime freak i watch so many anime that only intrest me . i have lots of friends i love in real life: as friends 3nodding <br />
    Ninja boy ninja 4laugh <br />
    tati my onee-chan heart <br />
    megan whee <br />
    kaitlynn my best friend 4laugh <br />
    pudding aka racheal whee 4laugh <br />
    morgan ninja <br />
    kyle ninja <br />
    colton 3nodding <br />
    amber 4laugh <br />
    my cousin stephine heart 4laugh <br />
    yay thses are all my best friends that support me through life and i love them 4laugh and i'm not telling you who ninja boy is but some of you my know who he is already 3nodding <br />
    Also i have an insanity thats really hyper when awake and can be mean if she has to.....her name is lucy she takes form of a grizzly bear and is awake's at night around 7:00 or 6:30 but for some reason she's starting to wake up early oh well it's probably because i'm not sleeping right or that i'm staying up too late evil 3nodding ....the moon is pretty at night thats the reason i go outside at night also because it's the only place i can think to myself with out anyone bothering me also because i can see the stars and my fallen wish in the sky all night 3nodding 4laugh ninja well that all i have to say about me 3nodding smile your brain is probably turned to mush by now sweatdrop
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