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  • Artist Info: im 18<br />
    im random<br />
    i love anime, manga,and hanging out w/ friends<br />
    my fav anime is lovely complex and my fav manga is hana Kimi<br />
    over 90% of my friends are guys<br />
    i luvs hugs, glomps, and pounces<br />
    i own a little more or less than 200 volumes of manga<br />
    Dalton/ houkiboshi is my best friend and jimmy rocks too. <br />
    i prefer video games over tv<br />
    im a weirdo<br />
    i enjoy messing with people. <br />
    i <3 Jerry's antics.<br />
    i plan to get married and have kids some day.<br />
    i want to be an art teacher when i grow up<br />
    i hate my girlish hormones! *headdesk* curse you hormones!!!!!<br />
    mike, for being such a good friend to me and caring about what i think<br />
    Christel- for being so loyal to me <br />
    Mikaela- for being ready at all times to help and support me<br />
    <br />
    dislikes:<br />
    petty, uptight, overly dramatic, bratty etc. peoples/attitude.<br />
    arrogance<br />
    math<br />
    jimmy <br />
    fakeness<br />
    racism<br />
    wasting time<br />
    feeling unproductive<br />
    <br />
    well im not sure what else to say, more later.<br />
    <br />
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