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  • Artist Info: Ah, hello there.<br />
    I'm Xweetalk. Or Duchess of Monochrome. Currently Turbo Twerk.<br />
    I'm not social on here as often as I used to be. I guess that's because I'm old as fuck at this point. (over fourteen years on this site lmaooo)<br />
    I love animals and am obsessed with aquariums.<br />
    I graduated from Cosmetology school but I hate it now so that's a thing.<br />
    I'm 22, not that age matters at this point.<br />
    Talk to me about Overwatch!!! I will yell for hours about it!!!! I'm a plat sniper slash diamond tank main!!!!! DM me for my battle tag if you wanna play with me!<br />
    So, yeah.<br />
    im b i g g a y<br />
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