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  • Artist Info: Because i dont think posting such personal things on the internet, im going to write somthing about my fan pokemon character Kaylee. hence my username.<br />
    <br />
    I grew up in Saffron City. When i was only 10, i was accepted into a school for the "Psychicly Enabled" or as they said it. One day, we all stood infront of the glorious Saffron Gym. Each and every one of us was hoping to go inside and become a trainer within for Sabrina. It turns out none of us was old enough to be in the gym with her yet. but she lectured us and gave us tips on how to channel our psychic powers. After the visit, Sabrina gave pokemon to the ones who were to set out into the region an set an excellent example of Saffron. We all recieved an Abra on our first day out. That Abra, along with Espeon are my most prized pokemon to this day. They are more then just pokemon. They are my friends.
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