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  • Artist Info: Hihi! My name's Summer, nice to meet yew..unless ur a hacker, then u can go f**k urself till ur balls fall off or ur uterus falls out >> ..ahem, NEwayz, ya um, im 18, i iz in college (not all parties and hangovers like ya think cry ) Im majoring in computer stuffz, so this gaia thing is practice (lol like how i just justified wasting my precious time doing nothing by blaming it on school? yup im just that talented ^^) erm..lets see... hmm...no, better yet lets LIST xd <br />
    <br />
    Stuffz I LIKE:<br />
    ~ Art/drawing<br />
    ~ strawberries<br />
    ~ fruity pebbles<br />
    ~ Anime/manga<br />
    ~ ducks, kittehs, and foxies X3<br />
    ~ funny stuff<br />
    ~ gifters ^^ <br />
    ~ goldfish (da crackers) yummeh<br />
    ~ seeing the sun rise in the morning (gives me hope that today might be ok)<br />
    ~ seeing the sun set in the evening (makes me sigh w/ relief that today's over)<br />
    <br />
    Stuffz I NO LIKE:<br />
    - Garlic, YUCK (i ish a vampire ^,,^ )<br />
    - Miley Cyrus (more like my ears hate her >> )<br />
    - the color green (prob y i stay broke, i cant stand the site of $ so i spend it eek )<br />
    - Tracfones >< yesh i has one ...i hope u can c me right now mom cuz im givin u a nasty look >><br />
    - did i say Miley Cyrus? oh right, ok her comrads then: the cast of HSM and the Bush Brow Bros (aka the Jonas brothers)<br />
    - Preps<br />
    - Snobs (o wait arent those the same XD)<br />
    - ppl that are high on themselves (u cant all be the shi )<br />
    <br />
    Theres more but i dont feel like typing it all, got a question feel free to ask me..and ill feel free to ignore u x3 jk i usually can get back to u fairly quickly tho, since im outa school for the summer and have LOADS of spare time..to study and improve my pc skills thru gaia that is >> YEAH RIGHT ...<br />
    <br />
    Yesh, like evry body else is ze world i has a dweam ..a dweam AVI that iz X3<br />
    User Image<br />
    tada!!! Isnt she kewt X3 i also will hav the neko cosplay mouth on, but tektek didnt hav it crying <br />
    donations are appreciated...but i wont appreciate them as much if ihas to beat them out of yew twisted jk of course ..
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