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    Hey !! So clearly you're here to find out more about me. Well, I'm gonna tell you a lot ! First off, you can call me Sky, Jay(from my username), or pretty much anything you like. <br />
    See that little quote above this ?? Why that one, because I'm the star server on our volleyball team. I don't serve overhand, but have pretty rockin' aim with underhand. Also, the two speech-bubble quotes about volleyball, well, I wrote those. <br />
    I play C flute in concert band at out school. My flute is blue. (: I'm pretty competitive when it comes to extracurricular activities, and I like to beat everybody. I'm currently trying to learn piano. I'm teaching myself...<br />
    I'm on the Scholastic Bowl team. Yes, I'm pretty much a nerd....but a popular nerd at that. I got first place in the AMA math test we took. I also got first place in the Geography Bee. And Second place in the spelling bee. Oh, and first place in a writing competition.<br />
    I'm trying to learn German so I can speak it fluently. Teaching myself that, too... Spanish just doesn't click with me.<br />
    ((Are you tired of reading yet? Told you there was a lot!))<br />
    I'm obsessed with music. People that know me know that I have a song for every situation. And not just new, popular music. 70s, 80s, 90s, pop, rock, metal, rap, R&B, anything.<br />
    I have one really close friend (on this page to the right) and many other friends. I'm a trustworthy person and good around people in general. I get a weird sense about some people sometimes. I also love little kids (ya know, like newborn-6 yrs old).<br />
    I love Astronomy and Cosmology. I spend a lot of time looking at the sky (I guess I'm properly named), and researching Astronomical/Cosmological things. If you ever mix up Astronomy and Astrology, I will probably slap you then give you a long speech about the differences. It irks me when people get the two confused. I want to work at NASA or for the ISS someday. Random fact: For awhile I wore a silly band in the shape of an astronaut, until it broke. Now I always wear headphone, snail, and music note shaped ones.<br />
    ((Tired now?? Don't worry, I'm almost done...I think.))<br />
    I also love My Little Pony (as you can see) and I like to draw them in human form. Cute, right? I think Niall Horan is the cutest One Direction boy, although I really don't listen to their music much. I'm obsessed with Nate Ruess and his music. And music speaks to me in a way no one else can.<br />
    Okay, I guess I'm done...BYE !!!<br />
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