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  • Artist Info: I dance even though my body hates me for it.<br />
    I sing even though I can't carry a tune in a bucket.<br />
    I write, but not nearly enough.<br />
    I can't spell and my grammar has much to be desired, so I won't judge you by yours.<br />
    If money wasn't a priority in this world, I'd be an eternal student.<br />
    I am amused by small things.<br />
    Mostly shiney things.<br />
    I find sidewalks far too confining.<br />
    I would love to travel around the world.<br />
    Relatedly, I'd love to learn to sail.<br />
    I am far too fond of the enter button.<br />
    I think in circles, or webs, not lines.<br />
    So I repeat myself a lot.<br />
    I obsess, too, so you'll probably hear me repeat myself a lot.<br />
    I'm awkward as all get out, so don't think I hate you.<br />
    Just give me a chance, and I'll become (slightly) less awkward.<br />
    Either that or you'll come to understand my circular thought processes.<br />
    This still isn't really about me.<br />
    Just say hi to me.<br />
    Then you can really see me.
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