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  • Artist Info: Meh? =) Well I have 5 totally Awesome girl friends (Friends that are girls. I'm neither a lesbian nor a slut =) but I have nothing against them! I luffles them actually, fun to hang around... The first party of course O.o) And like 3 really close guy friends ^o^. The girls include (in no particular order) Raven Skylark, Xam Fear, Tam Wolff, Rachel, and Hannah. The guys consist of Kyle, Sean, and of course Kevin =D. Hummm, I'm in love with Anime and Manga =) Though I don't read Yuri/yaoi I have nothing against it. Just not my preference. Hrmm.... Oh, I'll let Raven think that she actually owns characters -giggles- She only gets like 5 charries 'cause they're mine xD So if I listed them all, We'd all die, so lets stick with the main ones: Joshua (TWEWY), Gaara and Kiba (Naruto), Riku (KH), Hikaru (Ouran High School), Near (Death Note), Yuki (Fruba) .....<br />
    Yeah that's good enough P= Of course there are more >.<<br />
    But Me luffs to play video games, but I absolutely ADORE listening to my brother scream like a girl while Zombies are chasing him P: Oh, and his friends over the mic for Xbox Live, priceless. <br />
    Best Video Games: Zelda, TWEWY, Kingdom Hearts I & II, Left 4 Dead, Final Fantasy Online (Hmmmm, if you have one, maybe I'll give you my character name ;D)<br />
    I also love reading and writing and watching movies, all of which contain my fave genres of Horror and Fantasy ^o^<br />
    That's all for now, I think I gave enough info -giggles-
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