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    B-day 23!! =D<br />
    HII! my name is cookie!! <br />
    i used to be tornxteddii if anyone remembers =]<br />
    <br />
    me like<br />
    music ; wolves ; being azn ; drawing ; drama ; reading ; avi art<br />
    <br />
    ♫~me not soo good w/ expressing my feelings or gratitude but always try my best<br />
    ♫~am a very shy person and can be very emotional .. emo.<br />
    ♫~if you want to ignore me, tell me xD<br />
    ♫~am afraid of sad atmospheres gonk <br />
    ♫~me is the WORST at cheering ppl <br />
    ♫~me no used to hugs but its not like i wont hug you bak 3nodding <br />
    ♫~idk how to sleep w/ out a hugging pillow or a hugging plush xD <br />
    ♫~am a slow person so dont try to confuse me! >-<<br />
    ♫~also i have a very short attention spam so dont expect me to be obsessed of something for a long time except wolves x3<br />
    ♫~ POSEIDON RULES!!!<br />
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