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  • Artist Info: Chibi Avatar Animation-- WATCH IT!<br />
    <br />
    He gave her 12 roses, 11 real and 1 fake and said, " I'll love you until the last rose dies".<br />
    Hai! I am currently waving to you from my computer, in my house, in Cali.! And here is a list of 12 things about me to know:<br />
    1. I love love love
    MUSIC. It is my life. I like it loud and awesome and as long as it's not country I'll listen. I especially like rock/alt right now.<br />
    2. I'm an artist, I love acting, drawing, dance, and writing. Espically writing i writing a book of fanfictions actually.<br />
    3. I love comics, and manga^^! Oh, and regular reading! ULTIMATE MARVEL COMIC BOOKS FAN!!!! The Runaways are the best series dude(tte).<br />
    4. Apparently, some quiz says I'm an emo nerd.... sure, maybe i am....<br />
    5. Computer expert.<br />
    6. My username is because I enjoy eating lots and lots cookies when I visit my friend :]]<br />
    7. I have the greatest friends in the world: Monica, Niara, Amanda, Megan j., Emma, Megan L., Megan C., Sarah, Lakshmi, Jessica, Brittany, etc.<br />
    8. Even though I've lived in the same place for my whole life I always feel like "the new girl".<br />
    9. I'm
    smart. You know you know it.<br />
    10. I
    adore vampire stories. I loved them even before Twilight, but I love that, and The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod, and the manga Blood Alone, and lots of others. I also really enjoy writing my own.<br />
    11. When I'm old enough to get a tattoo, I'm getting two. A salamander and one like Vlad Tod.<br />
    12. I still have crushes on TV/book characters.
    There's just something about made-up and 2D dudes I love XD...<br />
    <br />
    Life is short.<br />
    Rock Out.
    <br />
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