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    Hey You, Yea You, Welcome To My Profile<br />
    My Name Is Stephanie Or Steph For Short<br />
    I Live In Trenton, New Jersey<br />
    Im A Tomboy<br />
    I Luv Video Games<br />
    I Luv Japanese Anime<br />
    I Luv Sushi <br />
    I Luv Food In General<br />
    Im Most Likely Already Over 5'8"<br />
    Im Soo Tall >.<<br />
    Ehhhhh....... Im Funny<br />
    I Laugh At Almost Any Thing<br />
    Especially At The Number Three<br />
    Ehhhh.... Some Times Im Slow Lol<br />
    Ummmmm....... I Have A Dog Named Wally<br />
    I Like Drawing<br />
    I Like Listening To Rock<br />
    I Like The Colours Black, White, Gold, Silver, Purple, Hot Pink, Blue, Green, Lime Green N i Think Thats It <br />
    Im Dominican <br />
    Dominicans FTW!! xD<br />
    My B-Day Is On July 1st<br />
    Im A Cancer o3o<br />
    Erm Thats All<br />
    If You Wanna Know More Bout' Me Just Pm Me K =P<br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
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