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    Okay, last time I checked my name was Joanna. I hope I'm right, or else my life will have been a lie!<br />
    I've rocked the world since the day of my birth, which happens to be May 3rd.<br />
    I make mistakes, and regret them...but that's life!<br />
    I talk a lot..but not as much as some.<br />
    I love candy, pie, monkeys, and CHRISTMAS.<br />
    Nerd glasses make me very happy!<br />
    Stuffed animals are hard to get rid of in my opinion(I stil have about 8!)<br />
    Clowns scare me and I hate watching the movie IT and Saw.(But I watch them anyway)<br />
    Summer can be too hot, Winter is too cold, which is why i love Spring.<br />
    My Besties happen to be Caitlyn, Dena, Harmony, Alex, Cheyanne, Sam, and Anali.<br />
    I love them sooo much(as a sister or a friend lol)<br />
    Message me if u want.<br />
    If not then....leave mehh alone!<br />
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