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  • Artist Info: Konichiwa everyone!!! This is my profile. I love anime so much. Tell any kinds anime, i love 2 hear anything about it. Even though I like anime, doesn't mean I watch other kinds of shows. In my world, I'm an anmie athlete. This means I do sports and watch/ read anime. Of course that includes playing video games smile <br />
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    The Naruto Ninja Rank Quiz<br />
    Your Result: Chuunin<br />
    You are a Chuunin.<br />
    You are a Chuunin, a fairly expertised and responsible middle ranked ninja.<br />
    Fellow Chuunins include Umino Iruka, a sensei at the academy.<br />
    Result Breakdown:<br />
    89% Chuunin<br />
    89% Jounin<br />
    20% Genin<br />
    Quiz Created on GoTo Quiz<br />
    <br />
    the naruto boyfriend quiz<br />
    Your Result: sasuke<br />
    hes the very definition of cool, he seems dark and mysterious. he seems too cool for school but thats a good thing, not much to say except that hes a hot and sexy avenger!<br />
    Result Breakdown:<br />
    89% sasuke<br />
    76% Gaara<br />
    76% itachi<br />
    70% rock lee<br />
    42% naruto<br />
    41% kakashi<br />
    23% shikamar<br />
    20% choji<br />
    Quiz Created on GoTo Quiz<br />
    I got really pissed when I got the results when Sasuke of all people is my boyfriend. I'd rather have Naruto be my date than Sasuke! yuck!
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