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  • Artist Info: okey dokey lets get started biggrin <br />
    so im Sarah and i am of the female variety<br />
    last time i checked. . .<br />
    and i have these friends right?<br />
    theres this one named maddii<br />
    i call her madds or lil madds<br />
    her username is X_MADDII_X<br />
    i luv her! her phone number is ___-____<br />
    so call her anytime!<br />
    i have these 2 friends named <br />
    leah and jared<br />
    they dont have gaia accounts<br />
    they ish my lunch-hangout buddies.<br />
    then we come to tato smile <br />
    tato is my twin sister<br />
    she is the older twin by 6 miniutes <br />
    i hate her! jk or am i just kidding?<br />
    her social security number is _____________________.<br />
    (she is a single homosexual so all you lesbian can pm her<br />
    she like to meet some lesbian strangers.)<br />
    her username is HAMSTERQUACK45.<br />
    ummmmm do i have any other friends?<br />
    oh yes i have this one friend betty<br />
    shes uber nice! her username is SALLYSKELINGTON.<br />
    i met her on gaia and weve been friends since about aug-sept.<br />
    then theres anna & lydia<br />
    they are a good example of cool teens<br />
    they are silly anna goes on gaia (sanuwa)<br />
    im not sure if lydia goes on. . . . should find out. . .<br />
    there are some more friends just scroll down a little<br />
    and you will see some more smile <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i like avi art but i change my avi so often ;;&gt;.&lt;<br />
    so if you want to make me avi art you should add <br />
    the picture of the avi that you did art for and i will post <br />
    all the art i get in my journal smile <br />
    <br />
    <br />
    i luff lufff luffff donations ;D and will adore you if you get me something from my wish list smile or just some old crap you dont want anymore smile <br />
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