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    🦇<br />
    // 𝕳0i~! I'm that one Resident Evil and now Genshin Impact cosplayer. emotion_ghost <br />
    I'm just a quiet, socially awkward 31-year-old Canadian User Image I don't really do much these days aside from keep to myself and talk when spoken too as in I'm really shy but try to talk whether it arena comments or profile comments/PMs... redface Unless given a reason not to be nice. I've grown and collected lots of things over the years and people I've once known have left plus roleplay seems to be extinct soooo.....<br />
    I have decided to return to this popularity contest of an activity to give me something to do and bring more of a variety to the Cosplay Arena and (for once) participate in the Original Arena more frequently as well. ¯_(ツ)_/¯<br />
    **Cosplay items are off limits because of absolutely awful past experiences and current one experiences (unless it's about backgrounds, mouths, speech bubbles, and magic items) but if you have questions regarding my original avatars, ask away~
    <br />
    <br />
    Previous Names I May Have Been Known By:<br />
    - xXxThe_END_Is_NEARxXx (cringe I know lol)<br />
    - l Undead l<br />
    - JilI Valentine<br />
    - iCosplay-kun (also cringe I know.. lol )<br />
    - iAm On Steroids<br />
    - Resident Evil Hero talk2hand <br />
    - The Right to be God emotion_eyebrow <br />
    - Halo Patrol emotion_puke <br />
    - Dammit Cas emotion_puke
    <br />
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