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    It's been 7 yrs.. eek
    <br />
    My name is Dina<br />
    Im 25 years old eek <br />
    Latina heart <br />
    cakeday= October 21;;<br />
    I live in CT.<br />
    poetry and music=&lt;3<br />
    I have a doggy named Cujo hehe <br />
    Graduated COLLEGE! HCC! &lt;3...=]<br />
    Life is her amor.. :]..<br />
    loves Donations and Donates at times<br />
    Studying to be a SPEECH PATHOLOGIST in the fall. <br />
    Rock music is her soul<br />
    wants world peace..=]<br />
    kind to everyone she meets<br />
    Loves flowers.<br />
    loves her curly hairr..<br />
    Speaks spanish.<br />
    wants to travel the world!<br />
    Currentlyin love &lt;3<br />
    scared of making decisions<br />
    Never forgets her past<br />
    My bf name is Tyler and he's cool beans heart <br />
    Escapes the world with Hulu surfing haha<br />
    Loves to Travel anywhere<br />
    Shes changing day by day<br />
    Has a very soft gentle heart<br />
    Wants to live her life to the FULLEST.<br />
    Spread Peace. Not Hate.<br />
    ps. ignore my extreamly old pic. will update haha<br />
    bye! =DDD<br />
    <br />
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    <br />
    <br />
    Comment? Msg? Fwends?
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