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  • Artist Info: he waz up ppl!! i knw most of ya wont reed dis and those of u who do......U ROCK!!! ok so here r some questions my freind (violett) is going ta ask meh ^.^ hope ya enjoy..<br />
    me: ok ima ready (shakeing)<br />
    Violett: Okai umm.. Do you like screamo.?<br />
    Me:yes but not for hours and hours (gets headache thinking bout it)<br />
    Violett: Haha It's not THAT bad razz <br />
    Me: i knw....i can listen to like 3 or songs but dats bout all smile <br />
    Violett: Okai next question..DO you..I can't think.! D:<br />
    me: its prob da sreamo music xD jk jk<br />
    Violett:Okai I got it now. DO you like Egypt Central.?!<br />
    Me: YYYYYEEESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! da singer could TOTALY pull off jack sparrow!!!lol<br />
    Violett: Haha his dreads are the shiit :]<br />
    Me: hell ya...(got signed T-shirt) > biggrin <br />
    Violett: Okai next.! Umm..Fav band.?<br />
    Me: hard question.....i like any band as long as they play rock.<br />
    Violett: Haha STALKER.!! Jk Jk razz okai errmm Would you ever like to be animal.??<br />
    Me: DUH!!! they have life so damn easy!! its not fair T.T<br />
    Violett: Yess, yes theyy do -_- Do you like a manly man in skinny jeans.?! XDDDDDDDDD<br />
    Me: wat like arnold Sxdngtsgjn. Ahh to hell with it.the freaking terminator? xD<br />
    Violett: Okai we will continue this later :3 we must go now biggrin <br />
    Me: no i dont like guys in tight pants...but i dont like them in baggy/cholo pant ether....normal is fine :3 Buh-bye pplz biggrin
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