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  • Artist Info: about me...well lets just say im not they tipical teen. My friend and i do alot together (not anything "bad" wink and sometimes meet people and make the wrong choices. i am not perfict and has tried to kill myself. I have got cough cutting and stuff like that. i like to get to know peolpe and if u get to know me I can be a very nice person. I have lot of different persenalities for different people. As in some of my friends i have to act different because they dont know the real side of me. but once i know u and u know me i will show my true side and tell u anything. I have done some bad things in my life and if u ask me some questions i will tell u what u want to know. I dont make people do anything they dont want to i can be a pushover...but not really. i am nice and i love meeting new people. i dont judge people at all i hate people who judge people before they get to know them...anyways if u want to be friends i will love to and i love to talk to anyone about anything. <br />
    This thought comes almost everyday,<br />
    We have become close friends as we were one in the same.<br />
    Then soon enough it will be the end I cry almost every minute<br />
    So much pain, so much hurt<br />
    My feelings and memories are like a hurricane.<br />
    I'm alone, scared during this storm and as the tears run down my face .<br />
    Seems like there is no way in stopping the intolerable emotions, pain, and frustration that the world puts upon my shoulders.<br />
    I hear no birds singing their joyful songs or the laughter of young children being able to enjoy life without a care.<br />
    It just seems like death has been and will be around me anyway.<br />
    So no matter what you try say,<br />
    Suicide is the only way out for me.<br />
    It's been way to long since someone has held me tight and said that they love me and that they need me.<br />
    It's been to long since I have had someone to protect me,<br />
    But you have never been able to see<br />
    In reality what has been happening inside of me.<br />
    You may ask and look concerned wanting to know why I cry,<br />
    But do you really want to that I wish for me to die?<br />
    Can you handle the truth,<br />
    Can you handle the pain I have felt and dealt with by myself for many years?<br />
    When I see myself in the mirror,<br />
    I can't see the joy I once felt.<br />
    That joy has been taken away since I can remember<br />
    I just turn my head as quick as possible for I do not want see what I'm actually trying to hide.<br />
    Suicide?<br />
    The quickest way to solve my problems once I'm gone<br />
    But will they really be solved or will they become a burden to those I still love but don't love me?<br />
    Time is the only one who can really tell us.<br />
    In the end will you miss me after I have cried my last tears?
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