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  • Artist Info: My name isn't important. All you have to know is that I don't tolerate flamers, people who aren't willing to see both sides of a story, and homophobes. My best friend is a bisexual and I'm not afraid to kick anyone's ass if you make her cry! She is amazing! A bit of a loner. But so am I. What brightens up my day is when I can make her laugh, smile, and her knowing she can be just herself around me. I have this talent of utterly confusing people. Even myself. People have mistaken me for having a split personality. Thats not true! I just have conversations with myself. I do have a boyfriend. He is a gentleman. I have an editing min-shop. My biggest pet peeve is poorly written works of writing. Bad grammar doesn't exist in my world. I also believe books are people. So that means we should treat them with respect. <br />
    <br />
    What you should not do to a book:<br />
    1. fold in half. (i will quite literally grab that book and not give it back until you promise to take good care of it)<br />
    2. dogtag the corners (eeeeeeekkkkk! there is no punishment for this sin.)<br />
    3. roll the cover and pages back while you are reading. (i will faint)<br />
    4. leaving a book open. (i will close it if i find a book like that.)<br />
    5. burning it. (biggest sin ever)<br />
    <br />
    there. now oyu know my weaknesses. i will go insane if i see a maltreated book. if i find out you do these atrocities, BEWARE!!!!! i will find out where you sleep... lol. now back to reading.<br />
    <br />
    My motto: If you think you are important, then nothing else can top that.
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