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  • Artist Info: Umm...where to start...<br />
    My favorite colors: pink, mahogany, and fuschia<br />
    Animals: cats definatly!!! and dogs<br />
    My hair color: reddish-brown<br />
    My nickname: hammy, hanny, hannah montana, hannah banana<br />
    My real name: HANNAH<br />
    My favorite mushroom: eww i hate mushrooms!!!<br />
    My favorite music: all pretty much<br />
    Current Fav. song: College<br />
    Things i like: shopping(when i'm happy), being tired, eating!!!! dog-walking, loveing ppl, running into things(i cant help it), listening to music!, drawing, doing creative stuff, texting, talking, hanging out, watching horror movies, being crazy, taking risks, trying new looks, new hairstyls, differnet types of make-up, colorful things, shiny objects!!!!<br />
    Things i dont like: guys in speedos (that should never be seen), eggplant, being rushed, yelled at, honked at, literally running into ppl i dont kno, having to deal with "issues", drama that isnt needed, clashing outfits, bugs, being tickled (im ticklish everywhere), being sneaked up on, being tackled, dog piled on, shoved into walls<br />
    I love to do anything and anything! I love long walks on the beach during sunset....just kidding! XD ! I love GOD! He's so amazing and i'm glad he is in my life! I try to read the Bible everyday and i do pray everyday! I dont really like my school sad ...the girls in my class dont really get along...but thats school drama, right? haha! I love writing so much! i'm pretty good at it too! but my passion is acting! Also im going to rule Ireland, but once i do there will be a potato famine! SORRY IRELAND! (if you can keep a secret: i dont like potatos much anyway, so its for the best! but i do like potatos kinda, but if they were gone i wouldn't mind!)
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