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  • Artist Info: life life life makes me so depressed, it hit me when i thought that talking to friends was such a chore . yea i hope it won't last much longer , gawd , i dont want to sleep anymore at night , i want to stay up all night and sleep all day. I don't think it's normal , and i don't think this is in my family. <br />
    oh my god , thisgirl this girllll ! hannah , i love her , but , i need to get over it ... i need to get over life , i'll work on it . i think .<br />
    i wish i could cut , but i have short shorts. won't work . i like blood. mhmm . why does she be so terrible , it just gets worse and worse ..<br />
    and you , asswipe , i want an apology, i think i deserve one. triplebuttpoo , i hate you. <br />
    my god i have no life .
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