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  • Artist Info: Hello. My name is Leah or call me Fluffeh if you wish. > w ><br />
    Sexuality: Straight<br />
    What i hate and what i will do to you: I hate jonas brother fans, miley cyrus fans, and i hate annoying cybering noobs. If you are one of them i will find you and kill you with my chainsaw.... > _ ><br />
    What i love: People who are NOT annoying (. - .), people who don't beg, People who feed me cheesecake, and all my friends > w ><br />
    Friends on gaia: Cloak, Wkwk, Kairi Hearts, Kairi Golden, Anny, Pixie, Rosuto, Faye, Cookie, iBeOreo, Masami, Tamaki, Miki, Lamba ( i think thats her new name kinda o _ o), I can't think of alot of my friends sorry to say xD Oh and of course my Cousin in rl life, crystalflower131 (her youtube account is magigal131) <br />
    Also My youtube account is cocokitty580 (retarded name eh? = w = wink <br />
    My Gaia family (lol this will be long x_x): <br />
    Mom: iBeOreo<br />
    Dad: Jesse45....e.t.c xD<br />
    Sister: SuicideApplesxD (right? o-o)<br />
    Daughter: I N F A M I A :3<br />
    Other Daughter: MasamiSuoh ^^<br />
    Niece: Anny (when did this happen...dont ask...= w =)<br />
    Granddaughter: FireCookie <br />
    Fake Cosplay Hubby: Tamaki (since i cosplay haruhi xD and we had masami :3)<br />
    Bf: Cloak (not really family but oh well D< wink <br />
    <br />
    Anyway that's pretty much it XD (took me long enough to type it o-o)<br />
    <br />
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